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i-CAT 3D Imaging

Achieving successful treatment outcomes relies upon using the best diagnostic technology to develop the most appropriate plans of care. With the advanced and versatile imaging capabilities offered by the i-CAT system, it’s not only possible to obtain detailed 3D views of a patient's teeth, jaws, and the surrounding anatomy but also conventional 2D panoramic views when needed. As a "best in class" high-resolution CBCT scanner (cone-beam computed tomography), the i-CAT system provides the most reliable and accurate images to facilitate precise and effective care.

 An exceptionally designed and engineered system, i-CAT imaging system offers minimal-exposure imaging options and can very comfortably obtain distortion-free, detailed views from several angles. The i-CAT system provides essential information for multiple types of analyses, as well as the assessment of maxillofacial disorders or pathology. It is also most useful in surgical planning, including the accurate placement of dental implants.

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